From NZ flying over to Philippines, we stopped over in Hong Kong airport for 10hrs. It was tiring but we got through it! From the Disney store, to eating “breakfast” twice in a row, to sleeping on the chairs, snoring parents, and seeing a Korean actor. It was still worth it! Still worth the 10hrs of waiting 😉

Honestly when we arrived at HK airport, the first thing I could think of was the Disney store. The Disney store is filled with wonders, amazement, joy and MORE wonders. It was hard to film here because of my excitement of choosing what to buy, and my constant going back and forth of deciding to buy a big Tsum Tsum plush toy… I didn’t end up buying one because I knew… I knew that I definitely wouldn’t have enough space in my luggage. Need to make room for all those new clothes and dried mangoes and rosquillos ♥.

By the time we had nothing else to do, we searched around for seats, found a side and slept until it was time to depart to Cebu. However, just before boarding our plane, we got a special surprise from the merry holly jolly joy… Santa. Just as Santa was near us talking to this little girl. A small crowd surrounded an actor as he walked quickly to his gate. The biggest surprise  was that it was the beautiful Korean actor Park Bo Gum. It happened really fast, I’d say super duper fast! haha…

Our flight on Cathay Pacific was okay. The flight was actually delayed so I wouldn’t say it was the best, but at least it only lasted around 2hrs 30mins or so. Only 2hrs 30mins of listening to kids crying. Thank goodness it wasn’t the long flight, whewww.

By the time we got to Cebu’s Mactan airport it was already 7pm. We got picked up by our uncle, cousin and aunt. With 5 big luggages and 4 carry-ons, my dad and cousin had to sit at the back of the pick-up truck, whilst the rest of us squished ourselves inside. The ride to our hotel (well, lodge actually) was nice, and welcoming. My sisters and I have never experienced Christmas in Philippines before so it felt different, but welcoming and almost like home because of the beautiful Christmas lights lighting up the street. The place we stayed at was Kiwi Lodge. Kiwi Lodge was a nice cozy place with excellent service. It is also near the malls (SM city mall, Ayala, and Robinson’s Galleria not far as well).

Anyway, after arriving at the hotel we had a bit of time to freshen up before finally ending the night with dinner at Boosog. As tired as we were, we had to drag our tired butts to Boosog for a little family reunion with 2 extended families. Was it worth it? Yes it definitely was worth it! Back to proper filo food and first day awkward conversations with the cousins.

So from HK > Disney store > Park Bo Gum > Cebu > Boosog~
What a lonnnng interesting day~!